New AquaDek

Now that we have unveiled our upgraded NEW Aqua-Dek™ Marine Decking Panels let’s dig a little deeper into what makes it new and improved.

NEW Aqua-Dek smallerThe NEW Aqua-Dek™ has been modelled in a similar fashion to our ThruFlow™ panel with some of the same features and benefits that have given ThruFlow™ widespread success across North America and beyond. Our NEW Aqua-Dek™ panel now has some of our proprietary, molded-in 360° non-slip surface that is safe and easier on the foot. Additional supports have been added for increased strength and rigidity, in a wide range of conditions and applications, NEW Aqua-Dek™ will stay strong and stay firm.

NEW Aqua-Dek™ can be used on any dock application, but is easily most at home in aluminum modular and roll-in roll-out docks. The panels are so lightweight that when it is time to remove your dock at the end of the season the panels can remain on the dock while it’s removed from the water. With 24” centers it requires less material to build the framework, which contributes to its lightweight attribute.

If you are looking for an environmentally-friendly product, NEW Aqua-Dek™ continues to exceed environmental regulations in most areas with 45% open surface area that allows sunlight and water to pass through. This reduces the environmental footprint of your dock and allows marine plants and animals to continue to thrive and prosper.

With no change in pricing, you will find the NEW Aqua-Dek™ panels have an even greater value. Call today to get a quote or find a dealer near you at 1-888-678-2335.

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