1. The use of the NEW Aqua-Dek™ requires that your support structure (supporting members) is designed to be structurally independent before the application of the NEW Aqua-Dek™ panels. Ensure your support structure and the use of the NEW Aqua-Dek™ panels conforms to all applicable codes and authorities with jurisdiction in your area.

2. Protective safety equipment (e.g. eye protection, safety boots) is always recommended before working with the NEW Aqua-Dek™.

3. SCREWS: A #10 or #12 diameter fastener that is of the following type and at an appropriate thread length for your support members. Pan Head, Button Head, Dome Head, Round Head or Truss Head fasteners are acceptable. Stainless Steel or Coated Fasteners will look better over time in a marine environment as surface rust can be aesthetically detracting from your maintenance free dock surface. IMPORTANT: Fasteners are to only be hand snugged to trap the NEW Aqua-Dek™ down but to allow for expansion and contraction of the panel with temperature change.

4. Lay down your NEW Aqua-Dek panels ensuring that each panel overlaps the previous panel at the integrated support tab.

5. Fasten down with an allowance of 1/8” between long panel edges. Repeat until your structure surface is decked.

6.Butt joints require at ¼” gap to allow for expansion and contraction.

DOWNLOAD Installation Guide & Specifications, click here.
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Panel Size 24″ x 36″ & 24″ x 48″
Profile Dimensions 1″ above frame; 1″ down between stringers
Base Material Impact Copolymer Polypropylene
Support Span 18″ on center (2×3 panel)
24″ on center (2×4 panel)
Load 1000 lbs.
Panel Weight 6.4 lbs (2×3 panel)
9.8 lbs (2×4 panel)
Light Transmission 45% open area for light penetration
Recyclable 100%
Surface/Traction 360° Non-Slip Surface
Saltwater Tolerant Unaffected by saltwater
UV Protection Full UV protection throughout
(Meets 5-year Arizona rating)
Anti-Static Protection Additive included
Insect Resistance Excellent
Oil and Gas Resistance Excellent
Salt Water Resistance Excellent
Mold/Rot Resistance Excellent
Panel Colors Sand/tan & grey
Limited Warranty 12-years ThruFlow/Aqua-Dek Warranty
Impact Resistance No Break (ASTM D256)
Tensile Strength 3,200PSI (ASTM D638)
Density 0.9 g/cm3 (ASTM D1505)
Hardness 70 Rockwell (ASTM D785)
Flexural Modulus 145,000PSI (ASTM D790)
Creep Relaxation 93% (ASTM D7032)